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AERO 35 Disc
$685.00 $655.00


Trail F930
$780.00 $540.00
$0.00 $540.00


27.5er Fat Bike Wheels F774
$750.00 $685.00

Dlaczego warto wybrać koła ICAN

Cześć, jesteśmy ICAN i specjalizujemy się w produkcji kół rowerowych z włókna węglowego.
We are a company founded in China that focuses on bringing you the best carbon fiber products at an affordable price. We believe that high-end parts should not just leave a big dent in your bank balance.
Podczas gdy nasz centralny hub nadal ma siedzibę w Chinach, teraz mamy operacje i personel na całym świecie. Nasi pracownicy jeżdżą na rowerach, a ich pasja do jazdy pomaga nam iść naprzód i projektować najlepsze koła, które możemy.

Wysokiej jakości koła
Our wheels are all tried and tested to make sure that they offer you reliability and quality, wrapped up in an affordable layer. We have a diverse range of road bike wheels, so we are sure you will be able to find a set that suits you and your riding style.

Bez cennych cen
To keep our wheels affordable we sell direct to you from our factory floor. By doing this, we are lowering our business costs, and we are passing those savings on to you. We are working smarter so that you can shop smarter.

Obsługa klienta skoncentrowana
By working in this manner, we are in charge of all parts of the supply chain. We are also then in charge of returns and distributors, by cutting out the middleman any and all problems can be resolved quickly. Our staff will then be looking after you in every step of your purchase.
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